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Least Popular Web Sites - The definitive list of the least popular web sites on the internet

Welcome to the definitive list of the least popular web sites on the internet. Be amazed and surprised when visiting these truly unpopular web sites!

Cool Siting on 24/4/00

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Least Popular Web Sites

1. Belly button fluff collection - Jan 1978
- Not one visit for 15 years

2. Milli Vanilli Singing Lesson Plan
- Please do not visit us we wanna be number one!

3. Allegory on the Pointlessness of Life
- A black ball bouncing around a black background

4. Directory of Nothing
- It really is nothing, we can't even link to it!

5. Thighmaster Party Games
- So unpopular even the webmaster has not seen it

Least Popular Search Terms

1. jfieieh
2. neoihjoij
3. Yasser Arrafat Nude
4. jerpiwejp mfpjf
5. moimewfnwoefn

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